Saturday, October 25, 2014

Of 支那 and Nippon

I know I won't win any popularity contest with this post, but it's too good.

 So, go ahead and call me a 漢奸, or some other names.

But don't tell me those 蘿蔔頭 are not a superior people than my fellow Hong Kongers, or even my fellow Americans.

 Because, none so blind as those who would not see; and, if you deny the self-evident, you are an idiot.

Read this post, by a thinker in China, believe it or not!


  1. 點解TEACHER無端端會提起?

    1. Somebody posted this on Facebook, so I re-post here. You're exactly right that 上一代唔贊成. When I announced that I was buying a Honda Accord fresh out of college, my dad tried so hard to talk me out of it. :-)